Video Script Copywriting

Well-targeted Video Scripts

Need a video that excites your audience, helps you connect with them on a deeper level, says stuff that mirrors their values, make them really want your offer so they take action?

Want a script that makes people take you seriously like a true problem solver and leader in your industry? Then you’d want to continue reading.

Before you start creating a video, let’s first look at your market to ensure your video is speaking to the right people.

“But Rhonda, I would like to target anyone who might need what I’m offering”.

No you don’t. This could cost you time and money. And your video will fall flat.

What you need to do is include what your ideal customer wants to hear and what would be of most value to them. This way, your script will easily draw them in and pique their interest even further so they watch the video and then take action.

When you work with me, we’ll target a specific audience – for example, if you sell child car restraints we could target 20 to 30-something parents in Perth with young children travelling in cars. This way, you’re more likely to sell your child car seats.

We’ll also look at the stuff they fear the most, what’s going on in their lives, plus their dreams, pain points, burning questions, buying behaviour, what motivates them to buy, who influence or inspired them to take action, and what to say to draw them in and make the like and trust you.

And we’ll show the viewers how your solutions match well with their values and goals.

That’s how I help you write video scripts that make you stand out more than your competitors who are creating videos on trying to offer similar solutions to your market.

Need more reasons to get in touch with me?

Check this out:

What if I told you that I dedicated two years of my life writing scripts full time for TV news, adverts and TV spots? For example, I wrote, directed and edited a television series that focused on small businesses. Another time, I rode the rough seas in a boat to a bird sanctuary in the middle of the Indian Ocean so I could interview Cadbury’s grandson about his work protecting the island. And another time, I wrote, directed and edited a beauty competition.

Now, what if I told you I won an award for my TV scriptwriting skills and TV production skills? Sounds good?

But wait… there’s more! (lol)

I attended film school before all that. There I learned all about the strategies used in film to get people sucked in and motivated.

And I also have experience writing sales copy… fantastic combo, right?

So if you need the perfect video, you need a copywriter who can help you write one.

An effective video focuses on a single topic or offer to address a problem your target audience is suffering from. A video that talks about the value of buying from you. A video that makes them believe that they can’t get it anywhere else…

Perhaps you need a video that presents a solution from the get-go. Maybe a video that uplifts, inspires and encourages them to change their behaviour and attitude. Or a video that answers a tough question that’s been burning in their minds.

Whatever your angle, your powerful video will present a solution they can’t refuse. If they don’t, they’re either not ready or are simply not a right fit.

You’ll connect with them on a more meaningful level and provide them with the solution or information they need, want and value.

Let me take care of all the hard work to create the perfect to help you succeed.

If you’d like to find out about my availability, I’m only a click away