Praises from clients

I strive to exceed each client’s expectation, customising every piece I write to ensure originality, freshness and relevance.

I write copy that reflects your brand and your brand’s character as well as help you achieve your business, marketing, sales and communication objectives.

But don’t take my word for it – my clients have shared their praises, showing appreciation of the quality of my work and their experience of collaborating with me. While my clientele is diverse, I regularly write for clients I have known since I stepped foot in Australia more than a decade ago.

When you want to work with a professional copywriter in Perth, call me to discuss your projects.

I have been using Rhonda now for about 12 months with my copywriting for blogs and emails. There are three words to describe Rhonda: Brilliant, brilliant and brilliant. Rhonda is incredibly helpful to the point that I am now receiving very positive feedback on what I send out. Thank you.

Mark ChastonDirector - Chaston Financial Solutions

We were first introduced to Rhonda through an offer to do a free review of a page on our website. In hindsight, we are extremely glad we took advantage of Rhonda’s offer.

She highlighted some significant issues with our page and guided us on how to fix the problems quickly and cost effectively.

Rhonda was very professional, knowledgeable and a joy to work with. We will definitely utilise her skills for future projects.

Lauren & ElenaOwner - Those Girls Iced Tea Melbourne (Shark Tank superstars)

Rhonda helped with some copy for a client site of ours over at Bloocow – she was fast and the content was great. Very happy with it – Thanks Rhonda

Lesley KomlosDirector - Bloocow Marketing

I wanted to get my message out to the public and had heard some very good reviews about Rhonda’s work from other happy clients of hers.

With Rhonda as my copywriter, I learned how to send a message with an angle that would create attention.

Others congratulated me on making it into the newspaper, and acknowledged that it was Rhonda’s work that made it achievable.

Julie ShawStylist - Enhance Your Style

Absolutely rapt with the calibre of Rhonda’s work. We have used her for our own work as well as using her to provide clients with copy and the feedback has been so positive, she really ‘gets’ the no-fluff approach to copy.

In her scope of works for us, she has covered email campaigns, SMS campaigns, page content, SEO copy, meta data creation, and the results are clear, with the right focus and cost effective to the ROI.

Looking forward to a long relationship with Rhonda and highly recommended.

Peter ButlerOwner - Smarter Websites

Many, many thanks for helping me launch Lovingly Yours into the world. I’m very grateful for your support and creative ideas and your ability to quickly ‘get’ my story.

Rhonda, it’s been an absolute dream working with you. The whole process was enjoyable and I also loved your honest feedback and ideas about the content for my Facebook page – fantastic job!

Lovingly Yours will definitely be in touch for our next content project.

Carla CorbittDesigner - Lovingly Yours

Rhonda ran a column on our magazine for over 6 months. She’s brilliant at what she does.

Our readers found her column with marketing ideas and tips very useful for their businesses. As a business owner myself, I’ve personally found her articles helpful to make my business decisions and organise work.

Zahra Nawaz ShafeeqEditor - Mothers Joint

Rhonda is an insightful, inspirational and intelligent person dedicated to completing jobs on time and to a high standard.

Her ability to think through and understand difficult concepts, challenges and situations before making informed decisions is welcomed by her colleagues and peers.

She is a refreshingly reflective, committed and enthusiastic professional!

Jacinta GoerkeResearcher & Training Broker

Rhonda has been referred to me by a number of parties. I have used her services for both my businesses, and will continue to use her.

Her writing style is exceptional and above all to the point and gets the job done, taking her advice on the writing, layout and design on our marketing. Our profits have increased and our membership has grown.

Rhonda is so easy to talk to and work with, and she truly listens to what we are asking from her.

I could not recommend her highly enough!

Sharyn McCaskeyDirector - Mdvs Business Services

Rhonda’s blog training has been great for me. I love to blog for the business, but with so much happening, all these rules and steps to optimise the blog posts was getting overwhelming.

Rhonda explained it all really well without the jargons, and she explained what to do and why it as important to follow the rules.

It’s great knowing I’m able to post more blog posts now that I know what I’m doing! Thanks, Rhonda.

Lorna BrownAssistant - Assess and Construct

Rhonda was approachable and authentic. She made everything easy to understand. She spoke my language. She has made me and the services I offer sound amazing.

Reading the first draft blew me away. Rhonda, you’ve gone and above my expectations! The website project flowed smoothly and successfully.

Thanks so much for your invaluable help, it’s a huge relief to have this done and done so well.

If you want to sound amazing and sell without being ‘salesy’, use Rhonda!

Belinda GallagherKinesiologist - Elevate Kinesiology

Your blogs are brilliant and I am very happy, pleased, ecstatic with them. Thank you sooooooo much, Rhonda!

Lita StubbsOwner - Midas Business Services

We have ideas on what we would like to communicate with our clients, and Rhonda turns them into beautifully crafted words.

These words in our brochures, website, news releases and blogs help us reach our clients, and make it easy for them to have an understanding in what we’re trying to help them achieve.

Grant BothaBusiness Manager - HearHere @ The Art of Hearing

Rhonda worked on a number of our brands and was able to convey each brand personality within her writing, creating several well-researched articles per week.

Alison Balch Director & Principal Marketing Consultant - Halo Communications

Rhonda became the communications hub for our project – dealing with researchers, scientists and film crews as well as setting up and monitoring the production schedule.

She was happy, confident and hardworking. Her knowledge of process meant she was identifying problems and solving them as soon as they cropped up.

For example, Rhonda initiated a newsletter to keep everyone involved up to date and we were able to use it as a promotional tool.

Nancy JonesDirector - Blue Moon Film and Video

Need great copy for your business? Working with me is super easy.

A smooth process...

  • Briefing & Planning

    You’ll fill my briefing form to let me know as much as you can about what you need help with. On this form, you’ll tell me about your target audience, and also provide the bare bones of the information so I can write copy that meets your objectives.

  • Researching & Interviewing

    I may also need to conduct phone interviews with you to make sure I get the full story and a deep understanding of your unique value proposition and the key points of the message you want to communicate. I also do my own research, to be sure I understand your customers completely.

  • Writing & Editing

    I provide you with a rough draft (or an outline) so you can tell me whether I’m on the right track. This is for you to provide initial feedback. Next, I write and submit the first full draft for your review. I then incorporate your feedback and changes into a second draft and resubmit for further tweaking for a final version.

  • Quality Checking

    I ask that you allow me to look over the copy once it’s live or before you sent to the printers. This is an important step to help me ensure everything looks and sounds great. I also look at the design elements which could affect conversion. I’ll email you right away if I spot anything that doesn’t look right.