Website Copywriting Packages

Copywriting for small business takes time and requires sales writing skills and an understanding of what motivates a visitor to make a purchase.

Many business owners say copywriting is the biggest challenge for them, leading to some launching their websites unfinished or delayed.

I offer affordable copywriting packages based on your budget and on whether you need everything right away or in stages.

My packages are designed to suit your specific needs. Get in touch today for a quote.

TIP: Don’t let copywriting delay your website project. Invest in copywriting early… preferably BEFORE you design your website.

What’s included in my website copywriting packages

Each package includes: 

  • Phone briefing with the option to Skype with me
  • Researching and writing persuasive copy for each page
  • Customised calls to action to influence visitors to make a purchase or get in touch
  • Keyword placement that appears natural
  • Meta description and title (what appears in Google)
  • Any recommendation for improvement to your site design, navigation and structure
  • Internal links where required
  • Set of 2 revisions (first draft, then second draft and final version)


  • Additional professional proofreading to ensure free of spelling and grammatical errors

My website copywriting packages exclude copywriting for landing pages. That’s a totally different service. Feel free to request additional services when you’re asking for a quote.

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