Email Copywriting

Emails that Convert

Are you frustrated with trying to write emails to your list BUT not seeing any results? Imagine if you could create successful email marketing campaigns that would crush your current efforts. And imagine if you knew the secret strategies and tactics that help email marketers make thousands of dollars from their lists.

If you’re struggling to see good results, let’s try something new.

That’s right. I’ll share with you all the tricks you need to use in your email copywriting to boost your
conversions, leads and sales!

And I promise you’ve NEVER written anything close to what I’ll write for you. Copy that touches the right buttons so people are moved to take action.

If you really want to promote your products and services in a way that generates response, then let’s start writing emails that helps you connect and nurture directly – and effectively – with your subscribers.

When you work with me, I’ll show you why email marketing isn’t just pretty pictures and fancy text on the page. You’ll see why every word chosen, every story shared, and the order in which they’re placed, are vital to your results.

Each email should convey the essence of your message, not simply entertain and showcase your products or services with the hope that people care about what you have to say. Your new emails would motivate them to action right there and then if they’re ready to take the next step.

I’ve written email copy to sell everything from grass seeds to exquisite bridal headpieces… from bamboo clothing to rugs – selling all types of products and services to different audiences ranging from horse breeders and landscapers to brides, parents, doctors, and school principals.

You’ll find that despite the different industries and offers, my approach and writing technique is always flawlessly clear, concise, natural and conversational.

Without being pushy. Without being spammy. And without tricking your subscribers.

You’ll see right away that I’ll make you sound like you’re talking to a friend… something my clients’ subscribers love about the emails they receive. My clients say they appreciate how I can clearly introduce any idea, product or service without making their readers feel as though they’re reading a sales email.

If we do the same for your list… if I produce clear, concise, conversational, engaging prose… just like when you’re telling your friend about something you’ve discovered, your subscribers would look forward to hearing from you. And, you’ll start seeing real results.

I totally guarantee that you’ll see an improvement in response rates.

I also guarantee that my email marketing strategies are 100% anti-spam compliant and that I do not own, rent or sell any email list. And neither should you!

Plus, unlike many experienced email copywriters in Perth, I don’t hire copywriters to work on your emails. When you hire me, I write every word that I send through to you.

So… whether you’re a business owner or entrepreneur looking to increase responses or sales… or a marketer from an organisation looking for better ways to motivate subscribers with strong email copy… or a membership-based business networking group wanting to keep members in the loop, let’s talk!

If you’d like to find out about my availability, I’m only a click away