Guidance and Advice that Drive Results

Are you tired of your poor marketing performance? Do you want to try saying or doing things differently to get better results for your investment?

Perhaps you’ve been committing some of the copywriting mistakes without knowing it, preventing you from reeling in new business.

Or it could be that you need a writer from the outside who’s not close to the business – because, as you know, sometimes when you’re too close to your ‘baby’ it’s a bit hard to separate what you think customers need to know and what customers actually want to know.

If you’re struggling to identify what’s missing in your copy and what other opportunities you could grab, why not let me take a look? I could review what you’ve been doing and then give you my honest feedback of the good and the bad as well as suggest some opportunities for you to attract new customers. You may find that the problem could be as simple as tweaking your message, something that is easily achievable through fresh copy.

Or it could be that you need to change your approach entirely. For example, all marketing copy should be conversational and should speak directly to your ideal customer, not everyone or anyone. The one likely to buy from you.

And customers expect to deal with people, not a business. They don’t care one bit about your vision, mission and objectives. No one cares about your financial growth. They want to know the benefits, and they want to understand the value.

Whatever the problem you’re facing, it’s important that you get someone on the outside to look what you’ve been writing and how you’ve been writing it. This gives you a good place to start. Wouldn’t you agree?

The best way forward when you’re stuck is to assess and then fix it. Give your copy a check-up.

My experience and expertise as a copywriter and marketer allow me to provide valuable consultancy guidance and assistance so you can get better results.

Following my initial assessment, you may choose for me to:

  • Review specific campaign strategies (e.g. customer retention)
  • Write effective copy for your marketing campaigns
  • Create specific marketing or public relations campaigns
  • Guide and advise you about new copywriting strategies
  • Work with you (hand-holding) to review everything you write
  • Set up your blog, email marketing campaigns and social media pages
  • Share some copywriting tactics to help convert leads
  • Share some marketing strategies to nurture subscribers
  • Optimise your copy for conversion and SEO
  • Suggest some creative people who can help you with your website and artwork

And much, much more. Plus, I can tailor my services to suit your budget.

Find out what you could be doing differently.

If you’d like to find out about my availability, I’m only a click away