Website Copywriting Audit Report

If you’re worried that your website content isn’t great or isn’t getting you any new customers, it’s time for a refresh! However, before you get started, you should find out whether you really need that complete overhaul.

Often a website only needs polishing, additional copy, blog posts or a simple refresh to boost existing content. Get a copy audit for your site and a report with recommendations for improvement to your pages and/or blogs, titles, headings, keyword placement, formatting, and structure.

A content audit excludes a full search engine optimisation (SEO) review. It’s designed for business owners who have got their overall SEO settings sorted and only need to work on their copy and the SEO elements for individual pages and posts.

What’s included in a copywriting audit report?

  • An assessment of the quality of your selected existing pages and/or blog posts
  • Recommendations for improvement, including elements that may be missing
  • Comments on appeal, flow, persuasiveness and your storytelling style
  • Review of formatting and layout of each page or post
  • An assessment of the keywords and their placement

Need a copywriter who can tell you whether you REALLY need to spend money on new content? I’ve saved my clients a lot of money by helping them focus on better strategies that attract more customers sooner.

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