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Are you looking for a vibrant speaker or workshop presenter who can deliver quality content to your audience? Do you need someone who can present for a public seminar or privately funded workshop? Are you fed up with boring presenters or ones that are always selling something? Let’s talk.


What’s in it for your audience?

When you invest in my skills, you’re investing in someone who knows and who has lived their subject.

Someone who can also help you write a strong promotion message that would win your audience’s trust even before the big day – it’s the only way you can sell your event and fill seats.

When you invest in my skills, you’re also investing in someone who can engage your audience and start real two-way conversations with them.

A speaker with an enthusiastic nature and the ability to relate to people from all walks of life.


A presenter who will facilitate learning and encourage action, not lecture at your audience. My style makes it easier for your audience to engage with the subject matter, and make them feel relaxed yet so alert that they stay awake, stay off their mobile phones, and stay focused enough to learn and get maximum benefit from the session.

And when you invest in my skills, you’re investing in someone who offers effective strategies and the rare insights that only a professional copywriter and blogger who has worked for WA clients can share with your audience.

By the end of my session, everyone leaves with a bucketload of tips to put into practice immediately.

That’s how I will teach your delegates. Not all presenters have these abilities.


My topics, summarised

I’m available to run blogging, writing for the web, press release writing, and email copywriting workshops anywhere in Western Australia.

With a background in copywriting, blogging and journalism, I have a deep understanding of all the different writing techniques that get the job done.

I combine this with a creative teaching style that helps business owners do it themselves. By showing them what I’ve been doing for my clients, I help them dream bigger and reach more customers so they, too, can grow their businesses.

Are you ready to share some fresh ideas with your audience?

Then book a FREE conversation with me so we can chat about your next event.

What to expect when you work with me

A professional business writer who has been obsessively studying how and what makes people buy.

A professional copywriter who understands how your writing style, the language used, and what we know about how people buy can help move them to take action – repeatedly.

A professional blogger who creates content for businesses who are now seen as thought leaders.

A local consultant whose business, Rhonda Chapman Copywriter, delivers quality copy and advice to successful businesses across WA.

A blogging coach who helps other business owners write and publish relevant and timely blog posts that help their audiences discover their products and services.

Speaking topics include:

  • How to attract the right audience to your blog
  • How to blog for your business (beginners)
  • How to blog with WordPress
  • How to monetise your personal blog
  • How to promote your content to attract new business
  • How to start a personal blog
  • How to turn your expertise into useful blog posts or eBooks
  • How to use lead magnets for lead generation
  • How to use MailChimp to grow your list
  • How to work with ghostbloggers
  • How to write better for your business website
  • How to write emails that make people take action
  • How to write media releases that get featured in the news

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