Media Release Copywriting

Many owner-managers like you struggle to write a media release yet have incredible news they’re dying to share.

If they’re struggling to share news, then, as you would agree, it gets even more challenging when it’s time to voice a concern or opinion about a topic.

As your media release writer in Perth, I help you spread your message through well-written and well-focused media releases. My media releases always target the right people for the right reasons.

With my background in journalism — I worked as a full-time journalist — I’m able to find news even when you think you couldn’t find any. That’s because I know what journalists are searching for, and I also know how consumers think.

You see, I studied and completed research in consumer behaviour, which means I understand what to write and how to write the words that would persuade both the journalist and their audience to take action.

All you need to do is tell me what you want to achieve…

  • Do you want to let journalists know you’re an expert who’s available for interview?
  • Are you keen to get more people to download your new book or free report?
  • Are you looking for people who want to take up a free consultation?
  • Do you want to let people know you’re better than ‘the other guys’?

Tell me about your business goals and I’ll write your media releases to help you achieve them.

Other ways my clients use media releases

Some of my clients use media releases to:

  • newsjack trending news so they turn the focus onto them and their expertise
  • generate public interest about their products and services
  • bring stakeholders up to speed with what’s happening with the business
  • boost their websites with keyword-focused newsworthy content
  • create some buzz and hype ahead of much bigger news to come

I bait and hook your audience!

I learn pretty quickly. So I gather information about your business in no time.

I also investigate what your competition is saying. I read recent issues from the media outlets you’re targeting because the key for getting a journalist to care is to satisfy their audience’s appetite for news that truly matter.

I ask you some questions so you can give me the information I need, plus some strong quotes for the piece. If you don’t know what to say, then don’t worry — my job is to come up with exactly the type of headline, hook and quotes journalists are interested to read and what would make your ideal target audience take action.

As you can see, the process is easy: you tell me your goal and I’ll help you achieve it with a media release.

My clients get results

The media releases are written to sway REAL people who will care about what you have to say. I don’t write spammy media releases even if your goal is to boost Google ranking.



Press release copywriter in perth

My clients were invited to speak about their businesses in their local papers, in The West, on ABC Radio and on TV. One also had her photos featured in That’s Life, a national magazine.

If you’d like to find out about my availability, I’m only a click away