Copywriting for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

As you’ll soon see below, my role as your copywriter in Perth involves writing copy for all your business and marketing communications. All my services are customised for business-to-business or business-to-customer marketing.

When you’re ready to take advantage of professional copywriting services for any medium, contact me to discuss your deadlines.

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Copywriting services

All my copywriting submissions for websites and blogs will come to you with proposed headlines, keywords, internal links and meta descriptions.

Copyediting and rewriting: You’ve already written your content and need someone to ensure the content is clear, correct, concise, consistent, and comprehensible.

Website copy: You want to get found on search engines, grab attention of the right audience right away, deliver your message, build trust and make a strong offer that converts visitors into buyers.

Offsite copy to boost search engine optimisation: You need high-quality guest posts and articles to submit to quality and relevant websites to pique interest and attract visitors. I offer a bulk article writing service.

Online sales letters and landing pages: You’re after persuasive pages that convert traffic from your social media campaign, PPC advertising  campaign or email marketing campaign without appearing pushy or salesy.

Product and services descriptions: You want more sales, so you would like to invest in well-written descriptions that would make your products or services stand out from the competition.

Blog posts and magazine articles: You want help boosting your profile as a thought leader. Blogs and magazine articles may be commissioned on a needs basis or via a contract.

Email newsletters and announcements: You need news update and reports to email to your lists. This is on a periodic basis, usually monthly or quarterly.

Email marketing campaigns: You want strong, sales-focused emails and soft emails, including autoresponders (email campaigns) for specific sales goals as part of your carefully targeted campaigns.

Online advertising and AdWords copywriting: You want effective very punchy copy that uses clear, accurate, to-the-point and powerful words that would make the right people click through.

Flyers and brochures:  You need my help to write brochures written to make people take action, not simply send them information no one cares about.

Scripts for brand story or explanation videos: You’re producing videos to tell stories or promote your products and services on your website, YouTube channel or seminars, you want someone who has a background in writing news, profiles, brand stories, documentaries and promotional videos.

Press releases: Need press releases for email and online distribution? The online version will be optimised with your keywords and a couple of links to your website. And no, you don’t always need hard news to write a release. Nowadays, journalists and bloggers are looking for experts who have something to say or teach.

Advertorials: Are you after advertorials to print alongside newspaper or magazine advertisements or to publish online? Let’s write them like real articles… that is, informative, entertaining yet persuasive.

Sales letters and direct mail: You’ll have someone who can come up with new concepts and who will write your print sales letters and direct mail for all of your sales and marketing purposes.

Reports: Provided monthly, quarterly and annually as part of your marketing campaigns or contractual reporting requirements.

Radio commercials, podcast and webinar scripts: Just like with video scripts, hire me to write your radio commercials, and postcasts and webinars, to help get your message across.

How to hire a copywriter in Perth

If you’re searching for a copywriter who understands sales and SEO, email me your questions.