Why hire a copywriter?

Are you struggling to improve your position on Google? Do you rarely get requests for quotes through your website? Are you finding it hard to write for your business? Or maybe your brochures, blog posts or emails just aren’t converting?

Then you need to improve your copy!

If you hire a copywriter, you can improve your results.

I’ll work with you before things get worse. That is before all your leads go cold or run to someone else.

I’ll work with you to produce content to:

  • bring more traffic to your website
  • boost your ranking in search engines
  • raise your brand profile to create preference for your business
  • position you as the thought-leader of your industry
  • find, connect, engage and retain your audience
  • attract the right audience – those likely to make a purchase.

I provide all sorts of copywriting services, including copywriting for websites, emails, eBooks, videos and print materials.

Some of the most popular services delivered in the past six months:

  • website copywriting for search engine optimisation
  • blog posts and guest posts to boost social media and organic search traffic
  • reviews and articles to publish in magazines and on websites
  • case studies to show project progress and achievements
  • autoresponders to nurture subscription lists of over 2000 people per campaign
  • sales emails and letters to reel in more customers
  • press releases to get brands into the news and to boost traffic
  • content strategy and consultation to get the right message out at the right time.

With my background in communications and marketing, I will help you influence and persuade your ideal customers into buying what you’re offering. Contact me to find out more about how you can hire a copywriter. I’ll tell you all about how you can use my copywriting skills.

How to hire a copywriter

1. Get in touch

Let me know you’d like to discuss your specific copywriting needs. You can do this by sending me an email.

2. Provide information

I’ll email you a detailed briefing questionnaire form to complete. It’s designed to ensure I understand your goals and copywriting needs. The information you provide will also ensure your copy is as effective as possible.

3. Research and writing

When I receive your completed questionnaire, I’ll begin working on your new copy. I’ll give you a date to expect your first draft. Work may include researching and interviewing, and then writing.

4. Drafts and revisions

You’ll receive up to two revisions and we’ll discuss the changes you would like me to make and I’ll implement those immediately.

5. Ready? Steady? Use!

Depending on our agreement, I can assist with uploading your copy to your website or social media pages. I can also organise a graphic designer to produce your brochures. Whatever I’ve written for you, you should soon start to see some improvement – whether that’s increased traffic, more engagement or conversion.
If you’d like to find out about my availability, I’m only a click away