What I’ve Been Writing

I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been doing lately… some of my clients have been with me for years. For some, I write everything they need. For others, I blog on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Primary school: I wrote letters to parents inviting them to participate in various market research activities to help the school raise its profile. I also helped the school interview parents and students for a video.

Window specialists: I wrote brochure copy for a company that sells double-glazed windows. I also rewrote website copy for another.

A national association: I wrote copy for a survey which will soon go live to people in WA. The survey will then be duplicated for distribution in other states.

Security specialist: I write copy when they need it, including for their website and blog.

Furniture store: I wrote copy for 7 pages for their new website and also wrote job ad copy for seek.com.au. I also editing the script for a recruitment video.

Designer: I wrote copy and installed and set up an entire eCommerce website on WordPress for a Melbourne designer.

Recruitment agency: I audited their copy and then presented my findings and tips for improvement to their team in person. I also sat with each agent to explain how we write copy that converts.

Photographer: I wrote copy for two new pages for her website. She told me the business is booming. So well she’s now hiring people.

Tiling store: I wrote copy their entire website to help them generate more foot traffic. This included product descriptions, and the About Us and Home pages.

Building inspector: I wrote a media release for him as he wanted to appear in the local paper. He appeared in the local paper a week later.

Financial planner: I wrote her bio for her awards submission. She became a finalist for a national awards.

Financial advisor: I wrote a seminar presentation (notes and PowerPoint) for a client to deliver information to his target market. I worked alongside a video production company to do this so we could integrate animation into the presentation.

Social media trainer: I wrote copy to update a website for a social media trainer to help her promote her new training program. I refocused the copy so it would be about the would-be student, not my client. The new copy focuses on the problem and the solution.

Church: Website content review is a must-do when you believe your website isn’t converting. I assisted a church in reviewing their website to see whether their copy was targeting the right audience.

Graphics and branding specialist: I’m writing copy for two websites and an eBook for a graphics and branding specialist to help her grow her business.

Promotional product company: I wrote a series of cold and warm email series for a company that sells corporate, sports and other promotional products. They wanted to boost response when asking for a meeting with business owners.

Financial planner: I wrote website copy for a financial planner so he could launch his website with a bang! No content or notes provided, so I had to do the research and write the best copy for his target audience.

Accounting business: I wrote an advertorial for an accounting business that was very disappointed with the quality of copy the local paper had written for their previous advertorials. Previously, the paper had written copy that lacked focus and that read more like a statement than an advert. I wrote an advertorial that showed their ideal target audience that my client has THE solution they’ve been craving and that the client CARES about them.

Wealth builders/coaches: I wrote web copy for a business which helps wealthy people to invest, grow and manage their wealth wisely.

Catering company: A catering company approached me to rewrite their email series to help improve conversion. I’m now helping them with their public relations and marketing plan.

Engineers: I rewrote a capability statement for a consulting company to help them get better clarity and to explain their strengths to their prospective clients.

Audiologist: I’m writing SEO-friendly and people-friendly copy for a new website for an audiologist to help them go full throttle with the launch. The more precise the copy on launch date, the more they win.

Glass and glazier specialist: The client sent me a “Help me, Rhonda” last-minute email asking me to fix an advertorial a reporter struggled to write for them.

Personal stylist: A personal stylist wanted to steal the spotlight in the local paper. I wrote a media release which got her in the Coastal Times and the Weekend Courier. The media release was reproduced almost word for word.

Australian actor: A young Australian actor told me she wanted to get into The West Australian. So I did just that. I wrote a media release and she got into The West Australian (online and in print). Just like that.

Photographer: I wrote a media release which got my client featured on 720 ABC Perth’s Drive show and on the front page of the Weekend Courier. The media release was reproduced almost word for word.

Audiologist: I wrote a media release that was picked up by 6PR radio, 720 ABC Perth Breakfast show, Wanneroo Times and the  Joondalup Weekender. The story was also published on LinkedIn Pulse. The media release was reproduced almost word for word.

Tax accountants and investment experts: I write flyers, brochures, media releases, autoresponders and blog posts for various accountants and investment experts to help boost their sales.

Law firm: I’m writing copy for the new website for a law firm (commercial law and estate planning) to not only talk about the services they offer, but about how their clients would benefit and how their clients would have peace of mind knowing they have a lawyer at their disposal.

Tool sharpening and supplies business: I’m writing website copy for a small business looking to boost their ranking. They have a new website and wanted fresh content about tool sharpening and their products to help attract new eyeballs.

Real estate agency: I’m writing a package full of copy for a real estate agency. Their package includes a client satisfaction survey, website content revision, new brochures and more.

Day spa owner: My client – in her own words – wanted to “kick some butt”. So we wrote an article which placed some issues in the limelight for local businesses. We pitched the article to our local paper and the editor printed it!

Email specialist: I copyedited blog posts and press releases for an email specialist to help her raise her profile through free publicity and guest posting. Choosing a hook is the best part of writing for publicity – if you can’t get it right, you miss a great opportunity to get noticed.

Patio and carport shop: Writing about carports was all about describing how my client’s carport will make you feel, how it solves your shelter problem, the benefits you will gain from going with them and how my client takes care to keep to council bi-laws. It wasn’t just about how the structure will look.

Kinesiologist: I wrote the entire website content for a kinesiologist in Western Australia. This project involved some deep research so I could understand what kinesiology does to your mind and body. I also donated my brain and muscles for a trial to help me explain to the reader, in my own words, how it feels while you’re at my client’s clinic and how different you feel after the visit.

Retail clients: I’ve written several email autoresponders for various retail clients who have 1500 or even 4000+ people on their mailing lists. I wrote each of them a series of autoreponders they would send out to their lists so they could make some more sales.  I also wrote press releases, sales letters and blog posts for some of them.

Photographer: I rescued the website of a professional photographer who specialises in industrial and oilfield photography. He was struggling to get his website to appear in Google. I optimised his website and rewrote his meta data to help search engines find him.

National household brand offering cleaning products: Assisted a national household brand with their video scripts and everything else as part of a rebrand project. I applied my video production skills from my days working as a television producer!

Air conditioning supplier: I write their monthly press releases. My job is to find an angle and hook for the topic. They supply the keywords, I do some research to find out what’s trending or what people are complaining about. I newsjack what’s out there and write a strong press release to attract eyeballs. The main goals are to persuade journalists, raise awareness and increase conversion.  I also wrote website copy for three of their websites. I wrote copy that don’t sound too salesy but that still aims to convert leads into customers. The challenge was to avoid duplicating their content. So I spent time ensuring every line was rewritten three times. Thank God for Copyscape, a tool I use to check that my content was unique.

Marriage celebrant: I wrote blog posts around the topics and keywords my client supplied. I wrote posts that are evergreen and posts that are newsy. This helps my client receive traffic from brides and grooms who are planning their weddings and looking for a celebrant or looking for planning ideas. The topics covered would be shared via social media while also helping her to gain more traffic via search engines.

Business coach and speaker: I write blog posts for a business coach and speaker who shares some brilliant ideas on how business women can help each other to grow both inside and outside the workplace. She provides her topics and keywords, I write the blog posts to help her become a thought leader in her field. I conduct fresh research and link the topics with trending topics.

Local jeweller: I worked on a small project with a couple who design handmade jewellery. They’re from my local town, so it was a great opportunity to help a local business. The project was to write their letters to exhibition organisers. I also wrote their sellsheet to help them showcase their beautiful products to retailers.

Another jeweller: I blog for a jeweller who custom-designs handmade diamond jewellery. I write newsy and evergreen posts for his resourceful website. I receive the topics and keywords and also provided my own ideas. The end results are well-researched posts that help his customers choose their designs for weddings or engagements.

Vending machine supplier: I wrote the content for a vending machine supplier so they could refresh their website with new keyword-focused copy. Not too salesy but persuasive enough to increase conversion.  Because the client already had a live website offering a similar product, I had to make sure that non of the new content were duplicates.

Weightloss and ‘quit-smoking’ consultants: I wrote a landing page, press releases and blog content for a couple of weightloss consultants. This included raising awareness on several topics, including thyroid issues, fatigue, sugars, eating too much greens, plus education on good fats and bad fats.

Work safety and safety training: I wrote a batch of blog posts to help boost ranking for a safety training consultant. The topics included working at height, online training, retraining and the consequences of not training your staff.

Another day spa: I wrote several DIY blog posts to help my client’s clients to maintain between visits.

Travel article for a new travel magazine: Whenever I can, I contribute to online magazines. I supplied a piece for a new travel magazine that pays writers for their contributions. My piece was about photography while travelling. I supplied images as well as tips.

Mumpreneurs, two Ausmumpreneur finalists: I wrote a press release to announce the news for a mumpreneur who was a finalist in the 2014 Ausmumpreneur Awards. I also wrote a sequence of email autoresponders for a second mumpreneur to help increase her sales.

Audiologist: I wrote an advertorial for newspaper publication for an audiologist who was offering hearing aids for people in his region. We also worked on an email which was sent to a mailing list of prospects to invite them to trial some new hearing aids. I’m now working with them to rewrite their website and marketing materials.

SEO firm: I wrote service descriptions for an SEO firm / web designer who assists a specific niche (attorneys) in ranking for local and industry keywords for attorneys. The descriptions had to be short and punchy but also very persuasive without sounding salesy.

Lifestyle magazine: I wrote several paid articles for a new lifestyle magazine. I interviewed a well-known author, a beauty queen, a junior mayor, the mayor of my city, and two entrepreneurs. I also acted as freelance editor-in-chief of the launch issue, commissioning articles from other contributors.

If you’d like to find out about my availability, I’m only a click away