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Most of my clients come through word of mouth
after seeing the work I've done for others.

And now, just some of the ways that I help...

SEO Copywriting

Get quality SEO content containing the right number of keywords to help search engines detect your web pages and blog posts.

Your keywords will appear so natural that your readers won’t notice a thing! Your copy will help boost organic traffic and online visibility while at the same time contain strong copywriting elements that improve conversion.

Blogging for Business

Easily turn your expertise into articles that offer engaging, useful and interesting information to your audience.

It’s a great way to connect without selling. You’ll be communicating your point of difference and building your reputation as a thought leader so they get to know, like and trust you.



FREE Publicity with Media Releases

Generate public interest for your business through relevant stories that create a buzz. You could even go viral, just like my clients Adam, Michelle and Kristina did!

You’ll be working with a media release writer with strong background in journalism — I worked as a full-time journalist — who’s able to find news even when you thought you couldn’t find any. That’s because I know what journalists are searching for, and I also know how consumers think.

Email Copywriting

Make more sales from your email list with quality email copywriting and email marketing services.

Are you launching a new product or service, announcing a promotion, or maybe simply reconnecting with your subscribers? Let’s create a custom email marketing solution for your campaign. I write emails that help you generate more opens, more clicks and more responses for better results.

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Brochures and Flyers that Convert

Many copywriters promise they’ll write a brochure that prospective customers will keep forever. I promise to write a brochure that makes people take action right there and then if they’re seriously looking to spend money.

The words and copy flow for your brochure are carefully organised to make people desire your offer right now so you get better results. We’ll touch their pain points, explain the benefits, show credibility, motivate with a strong guarantee, eliminate objections and shorten your sales cycle.

Sales and Advert Copywriting

Need a sales copywriter to edit, write and re-write incredibly profitable adverts, advertorials, sales letters, email campaigns and video sales letters?

Work with someone who has experience in direct response, copywriting, cold-calling and face-to-face selling. Someone who loves seeing results… who aims to make people buy now, and who understands your customer’s core psychology and buying behaviour. I’ll produce no-fluff and snappy sales copy that pulls in customers, not just followers.


Educate and Sell through Engaging Video Scripts

Hire a video script copywriter who used to work at a television station! I devoted two years of my life to writing audio and video scripts for news, documentary, adverts and non-fiction series scripts.

Many social media users would rather see what you have to offer rather than read about it. So now’s the time to find out how you can use video to reach a wider audience and improve your response rate. You can engage, entertain and educate your customers – and boost your SEO while you’re at it. But it takes a strong video script to command a lot of attention in less time. Work with someone who knows how to make people take action.

Social Media Copywriting

Want more people to find you on social media? Then you need compelling and well-optimised social media pages for your business.

I’ll work with you to improve your social media pages for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus, and bios for Twitter and Instagram. Your summaries will not only entice visitors to follow and connect with you but also inform them about what you do and the benefits of doing business with you.



Persuasive Award Submissions

Awards are a great way to raise your profile and gain recognition for your work. Before you submit your application, send it to me so I can edit it to a quality that ensures you stand out.

Fortunately, I won an award and writing competitions, I’ve been named a finalist in another, and I’ve also judged awards. So I know what judges expect to read. I also know how to turn dull and long-winded copy, ponderous prose, fluffy copy, and technical jargon into punchy, engaging copy that clearly tells your story and explains your point of difference – and put you ahead of other competitors.

Consulting that Drives Results

Struggling to get results from your creative ideas? Let me cast a fresh eye on your digital strategy so you can improve what you’re doing.

Many of my clients look to me for on-target advice, ideas and tips to help them make more money through online and offline marketing campaigns. They’ve told me they’ve been able to generate maximum response with my affordable services. They also like the fact that they can pay as they go.

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