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I write copy that makes people take action


Refocus your message for better results with a conversational tone and simple words that engage, stimulate and convince your visitor to take action. Let's tell your story and place the right keywords to appear natural.



We'll apply tried-and-tested strategies to help your blog posts and articles get found. The goal is to use your blog and articles to attract qualified visitors, build trust, generate interest and keep you top of mind.



Let's turn leads into customers. We'll go beyond the landing page to nurture your customer and mailing lists. Your emails, letters and landing pages will encourage purchases, sharing or subscription.


Perth Copywriter

You know what's crazy?

Anyone can put words on a screen or page.

However, it can be quite a challenge to find someone who can turn what you want to say into hard-selling copy.

"But, Rhonda, I don't know what I want to say!"

Well, if you’ve been in business for more than 12 months, you've already done most of the hard work.

Here’s what I mean…

You already know who you want to target.

You’ve already proven you have something worth selling.

You have the background and experience in your field, therefore many stories waiting to be told.

And, since you’re here on my website, it means you already have the enthusiasm to improve what you’re doing.

So all you need is a copywriter who writes hard-selling copy that makes people take action!

Someone who understands consumer behaviour, sales and marketing.

A copywriter who gives your business an edge and personality.

One who only uses the words and writing styles that really drive results so you achieve your goals.

And without the fluff!

Hi, I'm Rhonda Chapman.

As your copywriter, I'll personally write the copy you need to get you noticed and help you make more money. I do it all from right here behind my desk in Rockingham, Western Australia. I don't have minions overseas writing for me.

If you need a brochure or website to go with it, I work with some awesome people who can deliver stellar designs that would make you shine!

When you hire me, you have someone local you can count on for all your copywriting needs, and who will always deliver excellent copy. On time and with little to no hassle.

I also have the guts to challenge you, push you, and get you thinking. I'll even tell you what I think if I don't believe your idea makes sense for your the results you seek. I'm upfront and honest like that.

I'm doing great things for my clients, and I'd love to chat with you about your projects.

If we're a good fit, I can help you improve what you're doing. I'll also discuss with you what has worked and how we can implement what makes the most sense for your business and your specific situation.

And don't worry, I won't love you and leave you... I won't write and dash. I'll work with you to tweak and correct as we go.

Most importantly, I’ll do my best to become your favourite person! You'll even tell your mates about me.

Anyway, I'm truly excited and grateful that you've found me today.

My goal as a copywriter is very simple – to not only write copy that sells but also share my ideas, tried-and-tested strategies, and insights to help you attract and convert more customers in less time... regardless of where you are on your business journey.

I'm honored that you've given me a chance to say hello. If you have any questions, shoot me an email.

Some clients I've worked with

  • copywriting for lawyers in perth
  • copywriting for kinesiologists in perth
  • copywriting for audiologists in perth
  • copywriting for accountants in perth
  • copywriting for photographers in perth

From the copywriting blog

Popular services

Press Releases

How to get journalists to notice your business (in 3 easy steps):

Step 1 – hire a copywriter who is also a journalist! One who knows what journalists are looking for, and how to write a persuasive media release that drives the media to contact you.

Step 2 – send your persuasive media release to the right journalists. Do it yourself. But if you’re stuck, your copywriter should be able to provide the names of the best ones to contact for your story.

Step 3 – be ready for phone calls from journalists. Keep your phone on and check your email.

I’ve had clients featured in newspapers and on radio shows without much of a fuss or running around. I’ve also had national TV shows expressed interest!

Website Copy

Time to revamp your website copy? Get fresh copy written with strong keywords, persuasive but none salesy language, and calls to action. I aim for search engines to find you, for visitors to understand your offer, and for them to take action.

Blog Posts

Blogging styles vary from client to client. However, the idea of blogging is to help you get traffic, help you engage more prospective clients, and convert them into buyers. Blogging gives you content to share on social media and in emails. I offer blogging services on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. 

Email Copywriting

Instead of writing only a monthly newsletter, why not write email autoresponders to help your customers get to know you, why you do what you do, the benefits of buying from you and why they should be doing business with you? This is an effective way to give your subscribers the right information so they can be swayed to buy from you rather than just feed them ‘news’ that have no relevance to their needs. I’ll write your email sequences to help you welcome new subscribers, nurture those who are not ready to buy, and motivate those who are ready but waiting for special offers.

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  • Rhonda's writing style is exceptional and above all to the point and gets the job done, taking her advise on the writing, layout and design on our marketing our profits have increased and our membership has grown.

    Sharyn McCaskey, MDVS Facebook Support

  • Rhonda was approachable and authentic. She made everything easy to understand. She spoke my language. She has made me and the services I offer sound amazing. Reading the first draft blew me away. Rhonda, you've gone and above my expectations!

    Belinda Gallagher, Elevate Kinesiology

  • Absolutely rapt with the calibre of Rhonda's work. We have used her for our own work as well as using her to provide client with copy and the feedback has been so positive, she really 'gets' the no-fluff approach to copy.

    Peter Butler, Smarter Websites

  • Rhonda highlighted some significant issues with our page and guided us on how to fix the problems quickly and cost effectively.

    Lauren & Elena, ‘Those Girls’